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Systemische Berufsorientierungs- und Studienberatung im Zukunftsatelier in Frankfurt I Tjalda von Wedel

Services and costs

Career guidance and study counseling

✓ An interview using systemic counselling methods and

✓ a detailed performance and personality analysis of the geva institute, including a certificate.

✓ Information on various job profiles and the study and training paths that lead to them, including rankings, admission criteria, desired locations, and financial framework conditions.

✓ Tips for Writing Persuasive Application Documents

✓ Information on a backup plan if the location for the „dream study“ appears unattainable due to GAP or other factors.

✓ Information on the possibilities of a smartly used gap year (voluntary social year, internships, work and travel, or language courses)

✓ Summary of all results in a personal future folder

Service charges for career and study counseling

workshop and evaluation interview, six hours at € 100 600,00 €
costs for the test, detailed evaluation, and research 650,00 €
Total 1.250,00 €

Costs for student counseling and job-related coaching

The cost varies depending on the number of hours and tests required. We usually work out a goal in the first session and then need two to three sessions to figure out how to get there. I bill 120,00 € per hour.


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