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Career guidance and study counselling at the Zukunftsatelier in Frankfurt am Main I Tjalda von Wedel

Your son or daughter is about to graduate from secondary school and does not yet know where „the journey“ is supposed to go afterwards? Your child will gain clarity and orientation for the time after school.

With 21,000 courses of study and 330 apprenticeships, identifying the appropriate path in Germany is difficult. Job profiles are changing as a result of digitalization and artificial intelligence, and academic programs of study are being developed on an each year.

After conducting an interview using systemic counseling methods and a test of academic achievement and personality, I create a detailed career potential analysis for your child.

The psychometric test evaluates your child’s career potential based on data from 4000 other young people in the same situation. During the review meeting, the results are analyzed holistically. We consider various options and identify any inconsistencies.

As a result, your child will receive an individually tailored strategy for further education, whether it is for a university degree, a university of applied science degree, a vocational training program, or an in-company or school-based apprenticeship.

All results (including admission criteria, rankings and general conditions of the desired location) are documented in a folder.

This provides orientation and confidence to your child, helping him or her to focus better on the approaching school-leaving tests. Your child can now plan the following steps and determine what he or she wants to pursue after graduation.


My counseling consists of four elements:

Being prepared

Several days before the first personal appointment, preparations for a career potential analysis begin. Counseling will have a greater impact if your child occupies himself or herself with his or her personality, the interests and skills. I’ll email the required questionnaires to him or her.

The first appointment: a detailed personal interview and test
The first appointment is for a half-day. I will conduct a detailed interview with your son/daughter. We discuss the VALUES that are most important to your child, as well as his or her STRENGTHS and INTERESTS. We learn about his/her role models, his/her VISON and DREAMS, and the goals. Career orientation is a dynamic process. Many questions arise so after the counseling sessions. Therefore, I am happy to remain at your child’s disposal.

The second appointment: an evaluation meeting
The evaluation meeting will take two to three hours. We will use the interview and assessment test results to identify one or more occupational profiles and the educational paths that lead to them. We examine all the results, question them, analyze options, and uncover inconsistencies. Then I develop an educational study strategy, whether for in-company or vocational training, or a university degree program. We’ll talk about the next steps. This second appointment may initiate additional questions. As a result, I will gladly be available to your son or daughter.

All results are saved in a folder
This folder will serve as a „roadmap“ for your child during the next few months.

What is your parental role?
I’d like you to accompany your child during the career orientation process. Your child is influenced by your values, attitudes, and desires. As a result, one of the topics we’ll cover is how you can best support your child. One of my objectives is to determine which of you will take on which tasks during the next months.

I provide career advice both in my office in Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen and online.

Are you interested?
I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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