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Career guidance and study counselling at the Zukunftsatelier in Frankfurt am Main I Tjalda von Wedel

Systemic counseling interview methods combined with geva institute tests provide an ideal foundation for identifying young people’s professional skills and abilities.

The Systemic Approach
I practice systemic counseling methods. Aside from behavioral therapy and psychotherapy based on depth psychology and psychoanalysis, the systemic approach is the most common type of therapy and counseling. Systemic counseling is defined as short-term, goal-oriented counseling and self-help support. The term „system“ refers to social contacts that interact, such as family, friends, school, or work environment. As a counselor, my job is to recognize, comprehend, and consider the system’s structures, roles, and patterns. The systemic approach to counseling is solution- and resource-oriented. This means that in my counseling, I regard my clients as experts in themselves and their lives, and I encourage them to identify their untapped potential.

The geva institute
The geva institute, one of the leading German institutes in the field of personnel diagnostics, is my collaboration partner. I select the tests based on the needs of the client. The ‚Geva-tests®‘ for students and pupils have been in use for more than 30 years, are constantly updated, and have been used over two million times to date.

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Tjalda von Wedel
Systemic career guidance and study counselling for pupils and students

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