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»We would like to thank you very much for your intensive counseling of our son Philipp. Your advice made him feel very comfortable, understood, and taken seriously. Our son has received a good impetus as a result of your advice to now deal with his application for a university place! We appreciate it! Thank you very much!«

Feedback to career and study counseling, Katharina v. C., Philipp’s mother, 18, Bad Homburg July 2023

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»The Zukunftsatelier was extremely helpful to me. My course of study was confirmed by the counseling. Nonetheless, I gained new perspectives and, most importantly, numerous practical tips. I can only advise everyone to consider their future and seek professional advice. The Zukunfsatelier is unquestionably a very good address.«

Feedback on career and study counseling, Mathieu v. M., 18 , A-level student from Frankfurt am Main, June 2023

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»The career counseling in the Zukunftsatelier was a very enriching experience for me. Reflecting on one’s own ideas and values for the future, then concretizing and comparing them with the results of the geva test, was extremely beneficial to me. Before the great, very empathetic counselling, I had only a very vague picture of my future, and I definitely came very close to my personal career picture!«

Feedback on career and academic counseling, Emmelie P., 18, A-level student from Frankfurt am Main, April 2023

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»I can only recommend this counseling to anyone who wants to put their vague ideas about the future into action.«

Feedback on career and study counseling, Fiona E., 18, high school graduate from Königstein im Taunus

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»I am Sofie and I am in my third year of university. I am 21 years old. I also went to the Zukunftsatelier. I would say that my biggest takeaway was the fact that I was given a safespace to express my aspirations, my goals for the future, and my strengths and weaknesses. From start to finish, I was supported. That really helped clarify what the right path would be for me.«

Feedback on the Master’s programme guidance: Sofie D., (21), 4th semester in Bachelor’s programme from Frankfurt am Main

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»I want to express my gratitude for the personal future consultation process. It is very well worth discussing. And I’m now one step closer.«

Feedback on Master’s degree counseling: Charlotte S. (B.A.), 24, from Munich

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