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#kompassworkshop – a coaching workshop for secondary school students

We are currently planning our next #kompassworkshop for secondary school students for spring 2024. The exact date will be published here shortly.

At the #kompassworkshop, young people who are about to graduate from school meet with their peers for a weekend to reflect on their values, strengths, potentials and visions for their lives after graduation in a relaxed and pleasant environment.

They are encouraged to take charge of their own future, to discover, measure and use their personal life compass. The #kompassworkshop takes place at FutureCamp, on a manor about an hour outside Frankfurt am Main. Valeska v. Harnier and I, both experienced coaches, designed the concept and are leading the workshop.

Feedback on the first #kompassworkshop

Valeska von Harnier and I have known each other since we were students. We are both school-age mothers and students. Many of their friends were or are perplexed by the multitude and complexity of options, as well as the expanding range of educational pathways available across Europe.

We are also both convinced that when it comes to career orientation, it makes sense to first look at one’s own personality – especially one’s own strengths. This is how the idea for the #kompassworkshop arose: a workshop that allows students to create a picture of their own personality, values, strengths, and vision of a fulfilled life with their peers, and then use the results as the foundation for the first career orientation.

Our intention was for the young people to be able to share their perspectives on who they are, what they can do, and what they want to do. The first #kompassworkshop, held in July 2023 on an idyllic Hofgut in Wetterau, had brought us great joy.

Our group, which was not too large, could rely on the methods we devised. We have been finally approaching our goal of encouraging adolescents to take charge of their own future. Meanwhile, the teenagers had time to swim, play tennis, and dig a little deeper into the aspects discussed in the workshop.


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»I now understand my own values and strengths.«

»Furthermore, my first career ideas came to mind.«

»The workshop gave me confidence.«

»I now dare to dream bigger and bigger.«

»It gave me the confidence to deal with myself, my values, interests, and strengths.«

»The #kompassworkshop helped me to trust myself more and grow personally.«

»I now know what my strengths are and who I am!«

»Because we weren’t such a large group, everyone got in touch with everyone else and there was more interaction.«

»You are a fantastic team!“ Many, many thanks!!!«

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