Berufsorientierung Frankfurt Porträt Tjalda von Wedel/ Ausbildung- und Berufsorientierungscoach im Rahmen einer Beratung zur Berufsorientierung in den Räumen ihrer Praxis „Zukunftsatelier“ in Frankfurt am Main am Montag, 05.12.2022

Career guidance and study counselling at the Zukunftsatelier in Frankfurt am Main I Tjalda von Wedel

Career counseling for secondary students and


I assist secondary school and university students in identifying their professional skills. Participants will find their professional objectives and educational paths through a workshop that uses systemic counseling and a scientifically validated assessment of their academic skills and personalities.

In the Zukunftsatelier, students can find out more about their strengths. They can identify and define their professional objectives. This allows them to start their studies with self-confidence. Their personal potential can be utilized from the very beginning.

Are you interested? I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Tjalda von Wedel
Systemic career guidance and study counselling for pupils and students

Waidmannstraße 49
60596 Frankfurt am Main

+49 176 49 795 841

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